Ermenegildo Zegna shop in New Bond Street

We restored and then rebuilt the new facade to Ermenegildo Zegna shop in New Bond Street in Portland Perryfield.

The original stone façade was dismantled and brought back to our workshops in Chichester for detailing. Working in conjunction with a survey carried out by the Architect, some stones were replaced and a number of stone indent/repairs were carried out to the existing stonework to be re-used. A number of full stone replacements were also identified and re-produced.

The existing stonework from 2nd to 4th floor was delivered to site and installed on Gravity brackets, specially designed by the Engineer.

In addition to the existing stonework, new sections of frieze, flanking window surrounds and cornice sections from 2nd to 4th floor were produced and installed on site .

We also produced and installed new parapet copings and new stone cladding to a new dormer window at roof level. The joints between the stones were pointed and grouted with hydraulic lime, sand and stone dust. There were a number of mortar repairs undertaken to the existing stones on the facade using traditional repair methods involving lime, sand and stone dust mortars.