Machinery & Bankershop

Chichester Stoneworks are fully equipped with two primary saws, two CNC controlled secondary and profiling saws and three stone turning lathes, capable of turning the smallest and largest items of masonry production. We carefully balance the advantages of modern automated machinery with the best traditional skills to ensure that all the masonry production is optimised for efficiency whilst maintaining the best standards of traditional masonry.

Chichester Stoneworks are currently investing in a new water treatment plant, ensuring we maintain a low environmental impact and the efficient operation of all our stone cutting plant. We have an investment strategy that ensures we remain at the forefront of the masonry production industry.


Stonemasonry and Chichester Stoneworks’ Bankershop
The Stonemasons of Chichester Stoneworks are amongst some of the most accomplished stonemasons in the country, between them they have a vast experience of all types of stonework and masonry production, from the technically challenging contemporary cantilevered staircase to the sympathetic melding of new to ancient stonework in conservation and restoration stonemasonry. No job is neither too big, too complicated nor too small or too simple.

We are able to replicate a multitude of masonry finishes to suit all situations of taste or to match the existing finishes.


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