Private Residence

Client | Private Client
Location | North London

Chichester Stoneworks were appointed as Specialist Stone Contractor to design, produce and install the free-standing, elliptical stone staircase to the entrance hall of a private residence.

The structure of a cantilevered staircase is relatively simple, however, the rotation restraint presented its own challenges. Our solution was a raking elliptical beam made from a solid steel plate with two steel pegs protruding into each tread; this plate was clad to form an ‘apparent’ solid stone string.

Price & Myers developed a 3D model incorporating the steelwork and stone which proved invaluable to understanding the complex inter-relationship between the steel and different elements of the stonework.

The greatest challenge in the manufacturing was the production of the steelwork to the complex and raking curves required. This involved cold rolling the steel in Birmingham as this was the only rolling mill in the country large enough to handle the work.

The plan had been to wind the steel into the building in one piece using a corkscrew action; however this presented too many risks from a safe handling perspective, so the beam had to be cut in half and re- welded on site.

Once the steelwork was in place, a complex 3D survey was made to establish the tolerances required for the stone manufacture. This enabled minimum site cutting and a less problematic installation.

The stone selected for the stairs and extensively for the floors throughout the house is a Portuguese limestone, Moca Crème fine grain.