Private Residence

Client | Private Client
Location | Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Initially, the design for this particular staircase was to be a simple dog- leg stair, but due to constraints of space between the proximity of the dining room door to the bottom tread, an alternative solution had to be found.

The Structural Engineers provided the answer in the form of an old photograph of a staircase from Sheen House, with an unobtrusive conctrete/anchoring structure to the bottom seven treads.

Based on the old photograph, proposal drawings were prepared and from these, the interior designer created a fully coloured 3D rendition of the proposal for approval.

The staircase was constructed in Rosal, a Portuguese limestone selected for its clarity and consistency of colour and texture.

The lower eleven treads were anchored down to a curved concrete footing, approximately two thirds the width of the treads. The internal line of this curve reduces subtly as it progresses until below the twelfth tread, where the full cantilever of the stair is expressed for the remainder of the staircase.

All the individual treads were profiled and hand finished at the Chichester workshops and installed by an experienced site team.