St Andrew's Church

Client | St Andrew Holborn Church Foundation
Location | Holborn, London

Untouched by both the Reformation and the 1666 Great Fire, by the late 17th century the Church was nonetheless deemed in need of renovation. This task fell to Sir Christopher Wren who rebuilt the Church on roughly the same ground as its medieval predecessor and was finished in 1687.

Like many of London’s churches, St Andrew Holborn was reduced to ruins during World War II and the job of rebuilding it fell to the distinguished ecclesiastical architects Seely and Paget. Their work was completed in 1961 and the church was reconsecrated as non-parochial Guild Church.

The vision of Rt Revd Jonathan Baker, Bishop of Fulham was to create a space that has heightened spiritual quality while still providing flexibility for the varied events that take place within the church..

The project encompassed most of the interior spaces and will included; a new baptistery chapel; opening out of the tower; new stone flooring to the main nave including wood panelling treatments and internal decorations; a new throne supporting the tabernacle; the creation of the Lady Chapel to the NE corner of the church and interior alterations to the toilets and vestibules.